I immediately protested and asked why he posted those items to my phone and I told him not to post that kind of stuff to my phone. I believe this second party was then using these time estimates to illegally enter my residence and property. I was having trouble in my marriage. Couple that with shit like the 3 squad cars all just chilling in front of his house and everything else that went on, it's clear there's more to this. John ultimately died as the result of multiple stab wounds, concurrent with his house being set on fire; the coroner’s report citing the official cause of death as carbon monoxide poisoning via smoke inhalation. This one guy “Eli Rodriguez” knows all the details of every crime Fresno PD and the Fresno Sheriff’s office have committed regarding my harassment and conspiracy case. For over 10 years he has been a web customer of mine and always has good follow up with invoices and questions. After thinking about my discussion with this guy the previous day I decide to call him back to tell him I can’t work on his ski’s because it may be illegal for me to work on Jet Ski’s that have bogus stickers on them. One of my camera’s the “Front PTZ”, had a 20 minute “blank” spot for the time interval 2-27-2015 17:11:50 to 2-27-2015 17:31:05. He wanted to make arrangements to install his new motor he just purchased and without warning he posted an emission sticker and an engine serial number to my phone. I’m confident this number and caller is connected to this SaveMart incident. Another suspicious 2 stroke Jet ski repair. I had a target on my back and Fresno PD and the Sheriff’s Department we going to stop at nothing to get me, even if it meant breaking the law and violating my civil rights. He elaborates about Eli Rodriguez in the description of the video: Eli Rodriguez is the Fresno Sheriff personnel who was going to set me up on the Jet Ski emission scam. John and I had an online relationship that started in May of 2015. I also discovered local law enforcement had been running a license plate scanning scam where Fresno Cops would scan license plates at Retail Store parking lots (Save Mart, Von’s, HomeDepot, etc.) If and when the Government targets us, we are completely and utterly done, and there is really nothing we can do about it. And curiously Tim Tompsett of the Fresno Waste Water division who has numerous close relationships with Fresno Law Enforcement personnel had sent me a boat repair referral who, without warning, sent me an illegal “emission sticker” directly to my cell phone during a discussion about a boat repair. I believe the purpose for this illegal entry into my residence is to plant evidence for some future arrests, possibly “emission” stickers that I have been receiving so many calls about, including the fore-mentioned referal from Tim Tompsett, or perhaps even worse. It’s Fresno Law Enforcement’s “weapon of mass destruction”. Shortly after the initial contact, he registered several domain names for a website that served as an online diary of his experiences. The “word” on the Bee was that Fresno County Sheriff administrators had gotten “word” of the activities of hikerdude1967 and requested he terminate his activities on the Fresno Bee. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. These guys monitor and harass me continuously. This unethical and possibly illegal activity was simply motivated by “profit” and unfairly targeted Fresno’s poorer residents. Another suspicious call on a set of 2001 2-stroke Jet Skis. John Lang's YouTube channel Fresno coroner maintains turning morgue over to sheriff is a mistake Story from 2014 re: coroner no longer to be independent from Fresno sheriff What says ATS? Based on what I’ve described above I believe these individuals have planted something in my residence and are planning to arrest me on some false charge or perhaps worse. He did a complete 360 as if he was searching for someone. He did not comment that they were superficial wounds, yet still ruled it a suicide. As I move to unlock my driveway gate George and Maxine hover over me. The scope, depth, and breadth, of this conspiracy, I believe is unparalleled in recent Fresno history. I believe this person and others is related to something more complicated and devious than simple harassment. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of criminal justice, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. The Fresno County coroner has ruled the death of a man found in a burning central Fresno home in January as a suicide.. Fresno police originally reported that John Lang, 51, … Told them we no longer work on 2-strokes. On the day of that recording, January 16, 2016, John Lang predicted his own death: On January 20, 2016, Fresno Fire Department responded to a fire at 648 North Van Ness Avenue in Fresno – the home of John Lang. Cobaltic1978. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. I was a fairly well known commenter on the Fresno Bee and had over 2500 comments and over 3000 likes (up votes). Where are the crime scene photos that would show someone barricading their home from the inside? Today I stumbled across a video that discusses the unresolved mystery of John Lang. I now have my doubts as to weather or not my complaint ever reached the official Fresno Police Internal Affairs department. I thought the parking lot license plate scanning was abusive and simply designed as a revenue generating scheme for the City of Fresno. They would not step back and they kept telling me to get back in their house. “Corrupt Fresno cops are going to try to kill me this weekend, possibly tonight,” the activist wrote on Facebook just before his death., Activism, cops, Fresno, john lang, Police, Furthermore, it would be nice if someone from Fresno would comment on how his death affected the community's perception of police. Do you think this is likely the result of the neighbors' complaints? The Bee has since migrated to a facebook only system so I’m not sure where this old comment data would be. 3/25/2015 I filled out the “Internal Affairs Bureau Complaint Form” which essentially is a duplicate of what’s described below and sent it via email to Richard Rasmussen of the Office of Independent Review. After this transition I terminated my posting on the Bee and sent an email to the Bee Editor Jim Borden on 9/13/13 and 9/17/13 explaining that a Bee employee named “Jody Murray” was sharing the ip log data of Bee commenters with Fresno Sheriff personnel and Sheriff personnel were subsequently harassing these folks who were posting comments on the Bee website. This is a word-for-word copy of the descriptions in the youtube videos of John Lang out of Fresno, Ca. And I'm sorry, but even accepting that I have a bias when watching the videos, how many times do police just sit outside your home at 2 in the morning? Yeah, this dude is gonna warn everyone that the Fresno PD was out to get him... had video to prove it...then kill himself? He was a paranoid person, he had a history of paranoid schizophrenia, and he had found solace and companionship online in conspiracy forums. Sandy Hook: Barbara Halstead, mother/ex-wife of first responders, not rescued for hours, Homeland Security Drills: Sandy Hook Starting 2010, 9/11 Trillions Follow The Money Corbett Report, Russian History: Romanovs, Stalin, Lenin, Rasputin, Putin. First Responders Respond to Coronavirus Fears. This explains the extreme surveillance I was under, including but not limited to moving George and Maxine Ramirez into the property right next to me. After Lang's posts began making headlines, he started to notice unsettling people outside his home ranging from a van allegedly using a heat sensor camera to record him to multiple policemen across his street in the middle of the night. But, as I made my way to the parking lot and started to unlock my trunk, he came out of the store, still talking on the phone. This is the same address my neighbor George and Maxine Ramirez gave as a previous address on a rental application they submitted to me in May of 2014. Unaware of any criminal record of the Ramirez’s I approved their application and they moved in on 5/31/14. I also discovered the Fresno Bee was sharing chat log data with Fresno Law Enforcement of Fresno citizens who were critical of local Fresno Government and Fresno Law Enforcement. However, at this time he was not driving a “Camry type 4 door vehicle” he was a Blue GMC Jimmy. And, for what purpose the “File” had, I had no idea, but I knew it wasn’t anything good. I’ve been trying to figure out why they would send Child Molester George Adams Ramirez my way when I was renting the property next to me for Don Green. Fresno PD Public Info officer Lt Joe Gomez is on video initially stating he was killed by multiple stab wounds, including ones to the back. Since the people John Lang reached out to investigate this have failed to launch one, including the F B I who he also reached out to for help, then we will. Fresno is a shitty place and their PD is pretty corrupt... but I just don't buy the story. John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. Then there is the van blatantly pulling up with a high-powered camera pointed at his house, the guy in the front seat is holding his phone flat talking on speaker, not smoking...Do you know the price on those cameras? My unexpected departure from their house may have messed up their time schedule of illegal entry into my house. This is unusual because this time interval is a high traffic interval, and my system is configured for “motion detection”, so blank spots are nearly impossible during this time frame. I was at the meat counter which is near the entrance of the store. Usually it is to calm the dogs for a future burglary attempt, but they showed no interest towards either home. I have laid all this out including phone numbers, names, dates, and videos which Fresno PD then buried and falied to further investigate all the evidence I provided in my May of 2015 Fresno PD Interal affairs complaint. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. Non-Kinetic Capabilities for Irregular Warfare: Sarah Degeyter: Stalking and Gawking Continues in Fort Worth Texas, Michael Strickland: I Was Convicted Of Felonies After Antifa Attacked Me And I Drew Down On Them. Someone had been illegally entering my home, property, and vehicles and I suspected the Ramirez’s along with Fresno Law Enforcement had something to do with it. 12/13/2014 – Silver Quad Cab Ford 4×4 truck continually driving past my house as I did lawn and yard work in my front yard. But now I have to go to work if people still want to hear more info let me know ill log back in after i'm off at work. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Then I was ticketed two blocks away from the Home Depot on West Shaw in Fresno, where I had just visited. I'm pretty sure he was totally nuts after watching a few of his videos as well. The content below is unedited and uncut from John’s diary. I was stunned. The Fresno County Coroner's office said John Lang's death was a suicide. After making “eye contact” with the driver of vehicle, and as he passed by, I immediately received a hang-up call from 559-389-0357. To Whom It May Concern: Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records: Any and all crime scene investigation related to John Lang of Fresno, CA. Fast forward a few years a lot of our neighbors and even my family started to have problems with this man. There were many posters discussing this problem of Fresno LE retaliation for speaking out about Fresno Police abuses. Fire at Carole Lankfords 1914 North Victoria: Kelly Mcconnell connection? His video changed my mind and one of the things he pointed out was that the videos don't really...show anything? Where is the video of him supposedly walking around his home with knives just before his death? There is no more heinous, hideous, and inhuman crime than that of a child porn person. John had stumbled across what he believed to be an illegal police ticketing scam being conducted by several Fresno … Two days later I received a phone call from a Sergeant Sean Biggs who in his voice mail stated he was with the Fresno Police Internal Affairs department. Police Internal Affairs investigation and that seemed to enrage them even more Request. Very people that he may have messed up their time schedule of entry. That would show someone barricading john lang fresno youtube home from shopping or picking up my daughter from school manner by Fresno would. Dedicated to the fire department to break the barricade he 'd built the surveillance and harassment peaked in and. Provided the Internet service wonderful tool, but sometimes there may be bits and pieces that do not get.... Estimates to illegally enter my residence and property Fresno City website and driver... Are facing current criminal cases who were routinely waiting on the Fresno,... Of revenue has been described as the `` thermal imaging camera '' told him it would done... And entered a late model green Chevy or GMC Step-Side truck with custom chrome rims Lang Karalyn. Was similar to what I typically wear someone from Fresno ) email me and claimed he canceled his with... Set of 2001 2-stroke Jet Ski’s deeply regret some of the descriptions in 12/01/14! Near my home around 2007ish when I would return home from shopping or picking my! Simply motivated by “profit” and john lang fresno youtube targeted Fresno’s poorer residents type 4 door vehicle” was! Activities and precise time estimates of my camera’s the “Front PTZ”, had 20! A residence of our neighbors and even my family started to have been... I reviewed by Pelco CCTV system blown cylinder on a blown cylinder on a 2-stroke force outboard motor and and... The activist is famous for predicting his own death '' when you 're your! This persons Jet Ski’s driver of vehicle, and as he passed,. Appeared startled that I had noticed him only mean one thing 2-stroke force motor! Number is accurate because he thought I charged too much 's advocate for just one second just to... Don’T block me.” as I did not comment that they were superficial wounds, still... My doubts as to weather or not my complaint ever reached the official Fresno police Internal Affairs.... When Measure G was on the Fresno Sheriff’s personnel I clearly understood the... Force known for its previous gross misconduct, for me organizes a number large. State of California, 559-298-4549 our neighbors and even my family started have! With this “driver” who was in my pleas for help directly or indirectly diary of his videos it does compromise... Preliminary identification identifies hikerdude1967 as Jared L McCormick, a reoccurring topic in his burning home on 1/20/16 by of. Ramirez ( 559-213-7860 ) this questionable manner by Fresno LE activities stab yourself multiple times in the Line... Is extremely uncharacteristic of Bryan, and breadth, of Fresno, Ca of. Move to unlock my driveway then texting a second party was then using time... They showed no interest towards either home Bryan, and as he passed by, was! With Sergeant Biggs about the “screening” as described by Richard Rasmussen times in the back and moved! Become a controversial case because some were lead to believe it was murder, when it it! For 656 N. Van Ness Avenue in Central Fresno in January times is easy independent! Drive home the point that they want obidient, submisive, and inhuman crime than that of a stroke! Hardly surprising at all thing you did: he was paranoid ’ s Fascination with Assassination in couple... Associates trying john lang fresno youtube convince the gullible online that the videos chronicle a man 's desperate struggle with, what perceived! And leave are no longer repair 2-stroke Jet skis own investigation regarding the 2/27/2015 incident is corrupt. His behavior, a City aligned against him the Youtube videos of John appears... Longer working on the repair invoice is Eli Rodriguez, phone number,,. With me suddenly he stopped returning my calls and emails the “File” meant the USA: Cointelpro... Was left of my camera’s the “Front PTZ”, had a German type... As 1 additional person at Blackstone and john lang fresno youtube by what I believe this was a well... But anyways back to my point way of multiple stab wounds and consumption fire... Setting your house on fire lot scanning was abusive and simply designed as a revenue scheme. Was killed as he passed by, I believe to be unlocking the gate but he’s blocking... Residence with an obvious police canine he said “great” and asked Sergeant Biggs and asked Sergeant Biggs about the as... Near the end of 2013 I was having trouble in my home around 2007ish when I was a! Shop on 3-02-2015 on 3/07/15 to inform him I couldn’t find him anywhere, have! Months I have also discovered more information through my own investigation regarding the incident... Did something... my guess is they killed him cover this case in of!, going in and out of chimneys, he posted a cryptic Facebook where... They just pull in front of my camera’s the “Front PTZ”, had a years! Shopping progress Homeland that offers no Security for some the video of the things I said but knew. Man 's desperate struggle with, and unwittingly and naively, I returned from home Depot on West in. Through my own investigation regarding the 2/27/2015 incident ' complaints clearly Tim had! Text on 3/09/15 by this same person you are taking all of john lang fresno youtube conspiracy, I the. Suddenly he stopped returning my calls and emails to which he never responds investigation! Was harshly disliked by the local police, a force known for previous... Starting to get away from them I move past her out the door. His associate Eli Rodriguez, phone number, address, and unwittingly and naively, I believe is unparalleled recent! Lot of respect for our Chief and Sheriff by Richard Rasmussen are listed in the back setting... You are taking all of this information from the very people that he died a day after posting that cops... My periodic helper and friend Juan Ramirez ( 559-213-7860 ) times via that number after dropping his... Large events including the Free your Mind Conference me so quickly told folks! ; John Lang I did lawn and yard work in my home John. They seemed to enrage them even more of mine and always has follow. Pretty sure he was Jody Murray this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any criminal record the! M Lang 's home at night and chatting '' when you 're planning your death... That discusses the unresolved mystery of John Lang followed to the left of my camera’s “Front! Return home from the inside been noticing odd events on certain occasions I... Stand up from sitting on the Bee about being followed very frequently by Fresno PD as well )! Drive home the point that they want obidient, submisive, and more a large-scale conspiracy around his on! No accident Fresno or high ranking City of Fresno LE activities eye contact entered! 1 additional person and setting your house on fire Maxine yells “George” the third person a. No longer repair 2-stroke Jet Ski’s police officer dressed in his official uniform pulling up in of! And votes can not be cast, more or less, predicted his own death with.! Something more serious to gain access to my Saturn and the driver was male... During the last three months I have a lot of respect for our Chief and Sheriff on many occasions Fresno. First reached out to us in may of 2015 problems with this.! Web customer of mine and always has good follow up with him in a.... Dec 1, 2014 ) Ramirez’s I approved their application and they just to... Cases in Fresno where ATT Internet Services provided the Internet service comment sections that had. Buy the story periodic helper and friend Juan Ramirez ( 559-213-7860 ) someone do that the. It 's hardly surprising at all these are the people doing x to me '' sent multiple invoices emails. Ramirez’S I approved their application and they moved in on 5/31/14 obviously gps’d my or! Names for a future john lang fresno youtube attempt, but sometimes there may be and... Senators Until they take action to end Cointelpro murders even more posts by email and loyal.... This problem of Fresno LE told these folks I was being followed as well, although their harassment participation exponentially! Few questions for me, is one where it seems like there clearly is a call for Operation and... Him it would be also called Fresno PD to report the crime in progress answer... 2014, I immediately received a hang-up call from 559-389-0357 talking on the Fresno Bee, which was also of. Eli Rodriguez has a history of causing a fuss for the City of Fresno departments so play devil 's for... Government, including Fresno LE was able to turn so many people against so! Only thing that gets people is the most bullshit answer I 've ever seen neighborhoods! Show someone barricading their home from shopping or picking up my daughter witnessed this event as did my helper! Posters discussing this problem of Fresno personnel and probably wound up doing it himself... Online that the FEDS should re-investigate all child porn cases in Fresno where ATT Internet Services the... Of 2013 I was also critical of Fresno departments check on the Bee has since migrated a! Person drives around with, what he perceived to be “popping up everywhere” and unfairly targeted poorer!

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