(a) search that person for a crossbow or part of a crossbow; (b) search any vehicle, or anything in or on a vehicle, in or on which the constable suspects with reasonable cause there is a crossbow, or part of a crossbow, connected with the offence. I hear you, although you don’t put up any reason for doing so. All the best to you, and I hope this comment does not offend you, it was not my intention. They couldn’t do anything and we are not doing anything wrong and agreed but said as it’s school holidays can we just be aware that children may be about ( which we are). At Hunters Knives we aim to provide both seasoned professionals and beginners with an excellent choice of crossbow sets. This Act does not apply to crossbows with a draw weight of less than 1.4 kilograms. homemade designs and home post poop construction ideas. If the police ask you if you understand what is being said, that is precisely what they mean. The long and short of it is yes, Crossbows are completely legal to own. The Right to Bear Arms is the old law that needs revision. Be safe, stay locked and loaded! They tried saying this is a ‘warning’ but for the second time in the last few weeks since we bought the crossbows tweedle dum and tweedle Dee have been to have a word cos of complaints from whoever. If the subjects had learned from the other subjects who jumped this shithole and paddled to the U.S. were eventually they became CITIZENS who were born EQUAL TO KINGS AND QUEENS UNDER LAW!!! it would also need to be in the boot, in it’s case. I can assure that my late father was once reprimanded by a senior officer for leaving his cap in the Police car. Why don’t you instead campaign to disarm all government employees and all potential enemies? Subscribe to our newsletter and join the other 2,084 subscribers who receive regular prepping updates and survival tips. This was in 1999 . Ironically, (as I read it anyway), if you go to a Court to test being a Freeman or a Soverign then you submit to the court and give consent to it, therefore making a mockery of trying to be a ‘freeman’, lol. Far better to keep your head down. Need your consent to enforce legislation. If someone wrote into legislation that you must hand over your eldest son to the state at age 18 to be used a state approved killer, would you? (2) A constable may detain a person or vehicle for the purpose of a search under subsection (1). 1. Long live democracy! Hello ,I have recently seen a lot of crossbows for very little money but i spotted one that fires 8mm bb’s ,being as though it’s not shooting an arrow would it be legal to hunt with the same as a slingshot ? You gonna shoot the fire dead? It is also illegal to be have broadhead bolts, you must only use target points. It’s similar to old-fashioned bows but with modern additions. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/grandmother-fires-crossbow-machete-wielding-12382814. Ensure you treat the bow with respect and it'll be a great investment - all the accessories and maintenance equipment is widely available online, you can find it and bolts etc on our store here. The complete package includes a 3X Pro-View 2 Scope, a 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver, three 20-inch Pro Elite Carbon Arrows, and an ambidextrous side-mount quiver bracket. Its not complete bollox. They are happy to let you rant from inside your prison cell! No, you do not need a reason. On the whole, common sense is the best protection, if you look like some cowboy (or Indian) you’re likely to attract unwelcome attention. On our own property and as a hobby and very useful piece of protection should shit hit the fan, I will keep on using my crossbow whenever I feel like it. A. (3) A constable may seize and retain for the purpose of proceedings for an offence under this Act anything discovered by him in the course of a search under subsection (1) which appears to him to be a crossbow or part of a crossbow. You are SUBJECT to the autuourity, power and sanction of the Crown. We have the same kind of crime you have there just on a generally smaller scale because of our size of population. A. During turbulent times crime goes up and the police have their hands full if they haven’t been withdrawn or de-funded as they’re demanding all around the Capitalist world right now. We see this one a lot, but we can confirm, there is no upper limit on crossbow power. In the never-ending quest for superior speed and rifle-like accuracy, Ravin is an industry leader when it comes to crossbow technology. And to really cover your a**, get it in writing. You can WhatsApp us on 07810 791 502. Alas, those who forget history are CONDEMNED to repeat it…and while they look different than they once were, there are great and mighty Axis Powers forming to the East, that no one is paying attention to, at all…YET. Eventually there will be a revolution people can only put up with so much . While the average guy can span (cock) a 150 lb. When an Officer of the Royal Warrant (such as a Police Officer carrying a ‘warrant card’) asks if you ‘Understand’ a charge, he or she is not asking if you ‘comprehend’ what is being said, but asking you to agree to ‘under stand’ (that is to ‘stand under’ the authority) of the Officer and enter into a contract with him under Admarity Law. crossbows fire bolts at speeds up to 300 fps or higher. Told them if i am left out of pocket i would take out a private prosecution. Stop spreading shit that you read on the internet, you’ll get gullible people hurt or arrested. What if gun ownership was allowed in uk would it have happened? Hunting is illegal in the UK. Using a crossbow (or any bow weapon) for hunting is completely illegal here in the UK. The only limits on the government (the queen in parliament, the Queens ministers, etc) are those they place on themselves! I got council probs the police are in bed eith the council ive just been turned over by the police and they found a tazer thats what they call it. Finally, do not tell the public you are transporting it. Yup, at least under Scots law, you are obliged to give name, address, and date of birth, if requested by a Police Officer on duty: in uniform, or identifies themselves as such (warrant card) certain criminal circumstances supercede the stipulation to be on duty. But the general idea is to stop dangerous people getting hold of weapons in the first place. The corruption is like a third world bannana republic! e.g. I suggest people look up the Freeman and Freeman on the Land movements for some eye openers. ... [email protected] How you gonna stop someone firebombing you. Broadheads should only be used in a safe, controlled environment, with strict safety measures in place.Although legal, they are usually not permitted on public ranges  and 3D course, because, in addition to the safety issues, they can cause too much damage to targets. That is just one reason you should remain silent beyond giving your name and get a Lawyer who comprehends these matters (not all do, they just know ‘process’). Ridiculous how far this country has fallen. Now, this is the case for a 3″ knife. You do not require any form of licence for sub legal-limit airguns. For rifles producing more than 12ft.lb, a Firearms Certificate (FAC) is required. There are no power limits on crossbows in the UK. The fact that people are not allowed to buy a gun for self protection is so alien to me. 4; Powers of search and seizure etc. It doesent meet the description of tazer its a cheep one off ebay ive got it for my alpacas onr is agressive to got legit reason it only puts out 3k volts ware as the puka item puts out 150 to 200k which incopacitates your mussels. The Titan from EK is a tried and tested high power crossbow. Is it illegal to modify a crossbow to make it more powerful if it is still under the legal limit after modification??? Alluding to exceptions was not well advised. Have you thought your view through? Better to be an armed community and experience *zero* violence or bad behaviour from the neo-Marxists when they come to “protest”. target practice / vermin control / hunting — btw hunting is NOT illegal as the article suggests .. Yiunrefuse to sign a statement and that may be commented upon as evidence. A person under the age of eighteen who buys or hires a crossbow or a part of a crossbow is guilty of an offence. Thanks for your input Dr. Harding, but although you clearly meant well, you have actually contributed to more confusion. You are correct no one is paying attention NWO that is going on. © 2012-2018 UKpreppersGuide.co.uk This gives the crossbow, extra stored energy to fire long range. DNA Leisure LTDUnit 4C The Quad,Great Marlings,Luton,Bedfordshire.LU2 8EF, Office HoursMon – Fri 09:00 - 17:00Sat ClosedSun Closed. Especially if they invlove them selves in civil matters. Sorry, but David did not kill Goliath with a slingshot, quite simply because it is a fairy tale myth and so therefore factually non-existent! The took me to the police station. I recognise what you were trying to explain, but all you should have said was, ‘any person who is a Citizen, or enters the country by all usual means, automatically ‘consents’ to all Laws, etc’. Our Mail Order Team Are Here To Help Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00. There is often only one or two police units to cover hundreds of square miles. The sergeant, let me finnish my self righteous rant. For all intents and purposes if you say ‘yes’ when a Police Officer presents you with a piece of legislation or a charge, then you have given your ‘consent’ to standing under his authority and having a 3rd party (usually a Court) hear the contractual dispute. The Police sometimes make their own questionable calls, it pays to try, and cover all bases, and show, lawful, legitimate, intent, with all possible precautions taken. *Please note that Scotland require a Firearms Licence for all Air Rifles regardless of FTLB energy. I bet you think nerf guns can break a window too! Oct 26, 2016 - Explore Greg Challis's board "Crossbows" on Pinterest. And he was fantastic about. He just wouldnt stop laughing. This crossbow features an ultra-compact assembly with a power stroke of just 12.6 inches and the capability of firing bolts at speeds up to 360 feet per second. and 80 lb.-pull pistol crossbows available, but the only bolts sold are molded plastic or aluminum tubes with molded plastic fletches, both of which have target tips, … hahahahaha imagine being scared of crossbows being legal. (1) If a constable suspects with reasonable cause that a person is committing or has committed an offence under section 3, the constable may—. Long live all peoples and may the world one day be free of Marx’s ridiculously flawed pseudo-intellectual nonsense, he should have got himself a job! We were able to visit a shop yards from one of Britain's busiest city centre high streets and buy a high-velocity 175lb Panther crossbow which boasts the promise "Built for power". You are correct that you are not allowed to own a gun to shoot people but that is reasonable. Please also note that signposts that say public footpath do not mean public land. A crossbowman could use loading tools to load comparatively powerful crossbows … 2 plastic police who told us that a ‘close neighbour ‘ (it narrows it down to 2 people) with complaints that we are firing crossbows in the garden (OUR GARDEN). Add to Cart. The 80 lbs. no barrel of less than 12″). Hunters Knives is unbeatable when it comes to UK legal hunting crossbows and crossbow pistols.We stock powerful crossbows and crossbow pistols up to 175lb with all the accessories and even red dot sights. 2) You cannot have your crossbow in any public place in much the same way you can't carry a normal bow or the majority of knives. So, you can see how it is similar to a vertical bow shooting a 400-grain arrow at roughly the same speeds. [F6 3A Test purchasing U.K. (1) A person under the age of 18 who buys or hires, or attempts to buy or hire, a crossbow or a part of a crossbow does not commit an offence under section 2 or 3 if the person is authorised to do so by the chief constable for the purpose of determining whether an offence is being committed under section 1. I suppose I’ll never understand many European laws. An Act to create offences relating to the sale and letting on hire of crossbows to, and the purchase, hiring and possession of crossbows by, persons under the age of seventeen; and for connected purposes. All content is copyright and unique to this website. Even if it’s in a Tesco bag disassembled (other supermarkets are available). But a woman would probably get away with it even if charged, as she cannot use reasonable force if the intruder is a man, and the Law does recognise that men are stronger than women. Start here to shop our complete collection of new hunting crossbows. If you have a shotgun for shooting pigeons and you shoot a burglar that is self defence but if you buy a gun to kill people that is murder. What's needed here is raw power to penetrate into the kill zone of the animal - not speed - although you'll have plenty of it to work with. As I said, I appreciate your input, but you should have made it crystal clear that basically, if you are not a real ‘Soverign’, or a head of state (or a diplomat holding certain cards), consent is already given. You would be arrested if you shot an intruder with a crossbow. Why should ordinary people in the UK be prevented from owning the means to defend themselves, their families and their fellows? They had to carry me to the car. Likewise to protect wildlife and people together. I think a more accurate way to look at it is “anywhere that’s not public is private” Easiest pulling crossbow targets available IN STOCK $ 0.00 0 items Our political class exercise power for their benefit not ours. As they knew i was correct in everythin i said. And quoted the laws they had broken. Find the greatest selection of Archery Equipment, Archery Supplies and Archery Products at Lancaster Archery Supply - The World Leader in 3D and Target Archery since 1983. Phone: 01293525880; Hours: Monday To Saturday: 10 am to 5.30 pm; Sundays (December Only) 11 am to 4.30 pm The desk sergeant, asked me if i understand the charges. You seem to be asking what is the minimum you need to do. Don't shoot without a solid backstop, or on land where you don't have express permission, even better if it's in writing. For instance, i used to walk to work and wanted to take a 3″ fixed knife to work to get sharpened. You sign a statement and tgat becomes evidence that can be presented. yes you are, that is a WEAPON and if you use that on an intruder you will be the one arrested. Basically make it clear, if you do get searched for whatever reason, that you cannot use it in the spur of the moment and that it will require an amount of time to fetch it and prepare it. to hunt deer your require a very special hunting license. https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/firearms#firearms-law. That is why we have no bill of rights, no constituton. Even a simple padlock on the case shows clear intent that should stand scrutiny. Most states limit/ban/restrict the use of crossbows; Low firing rates compared to compound bows . Right now in the US there’s a neo-Marxist inspired uprising thanks to systemic infiltration by leftists. Lessons & Events. “Get your six shot revolver out, empty it on the burglar and tell the judge you were in fear for your life. Then politely ripped into the two constables. Much of UK Policing is actually by ‘consent’. However, as preppers, we have a duty to ensure we all act within the laws of the United Kingdom [as they stand now], and make sure your safety and the safety of others is never ever compromised. We had a visit from the local constabulary at 8:30am this morning. If the American healthcare system ever gets its sh*t together, then I’m moving. In return you are given a nice receipt called a Birth Certificate, but the state then own your child and can tak them into care or conscript them at will. If someone is hell bent on killing you, you ain’t gonna stop it. The same thing happened in the 1960s, but at least then there was some truth to the civil rights movement even though it was largely a proxy-war between the US and the Soviets. If shooting 3D foam animal targets out of doors in the woods is your thing, then clubs registered with the National Field Archery Society (NFAS) are worth checking out. Also, no Citizen can ever be a ‘freeman’, and he did not make that clear. Common sense tells me that you would neither be able to carry it in two pieces on a clip, not in a case, unless it is between storage and your car or your car and your destination. This time it’s entirely a fabrication and the war is with China (has been for decades, it’s how Communist regimes work! While i cannot tell you about crossbows, it may be worthwhile using knife laws as a starting point and let common sense take over from there. The real target of all of this is nations and their people’s minds, it’s designed to weaken nations so that they can be taken over without traditional warfare. Failing to comply to the Crossbow Laws in the UK will result in serious consequences - namely, imprisonment if you're stupid enough to think you can go outside of these laws. A crossbow is a very useful item to own and to able to use. There seems to be some confusion on the laws regarding crossbows in the UK. And told them to show me out. One of the very best and most stealthy is the crossbow - a silent, accurate and deadly hunting weapon that is well worth considering as a 'must have' bit of survival kit. Tell them what you intend to do with it and see what they recommend. The police hold the Sovereigns warrant to enforce that authority.