Highly recommend for my fellow weekend warrior outdoors people. Very easy assembly and installation. and looks great. Cargo rack arrived on time, with all parts needed. I EXPECTED. Roof Racks include a rubber buffer strip to protect the load and crossbar. Well built. 224028, I received the roof rack package today. Its strength and sturdiness give me peace of mind and I LOVE the lower profile it has compared to most other brands of baskets! Very pleased. I took the truck out just now for a spin on the highway to test the basket out. They've earned a lifetime customer. 61641, After camping out of our 2013 Subaru Outback for the first time, we realized the usefulness of a roof rack to put tubs and coolers overnight. It does not fit my 2006 Grand Cherokee Overland due to the fact that the rack rest on top of the cross-bar tension knobs. Once we arrived we removed the Platypus Roof Bag and left the Basket in place...no problems at all. 406993, I would like to first say awesome customer service. 22206, Rola Cargo Basket on my 2011 Subaru Forester. 381224, I ordered two of these in order to create a much longer roof rack for my 2103 Sequoia. The only issues that Ive noticed are that the clamps do not hold for very long, so I need to tighten them once a week or risk the entire basket flying off while I am driving, and the paint has worn off significantly, so Im worried it will begin to rust in the next 3 months. This purchase was my 2nd Rola Basket. Good product for the price. 756343, Following an initial glitch with my credit card company questioning my address { really ! } Overall, I would recommend both the product and etrailer.com. Thanks and I will shop here again.. 296395, The roof rack came arrived in great condition with no flaws. Once I would have said Rhino, But Rola do a tradesman series now and its just as strong as the rhino but slightly more profiled. Very great customer service. 52451, Mostly very good experience. Paint will need a few very small touch ups - no big deal. If you want a quality product that makes your vehicle look good and is quality this is he product for you. Was a good price and shipping was free. The rack is easy to put on, take off, and store. Only complaint/feedback is the front windscreen did not entirely line up with the holes so it is not quite square on the rack...not that anyone can tell at 60mph. 108714, While I have not yet installed the basket it seems to be quite sturdy and was delivered promptly ab in good condition. 265605, See my review of the Rhino Rack Legs and Vortex Crossbars. Looks nice on a 2017 Crosstrek. The build is surprisingly sturdy for how little it costs. 171336, I purchased this roof basket with the extension and overall I am satisfied with it considering the price. Its still doing great I love it wonderful value thank you. We camp and "outdoors" a lot. The basket is functional and sturdy, however, i was surprised that the mounting brackets will not stay in place unless the basket is installed. very good prices too!! Great quality great price and adds a rugged look to my Honda Pilot. 902822, Overall good product went together easy. Looks good and built well other than the assembly and paint issues 787500, Great product both look and function The fastest I went during the test drive was 75 mph and there was no rattling whatsoever. 484545, Box was beat up, had a few little scratches, but excellent product. Plus superb shipping time, cost and customer service! I had considered the extension, but I think just the rack looks great. It is an awesome, sturdy, good looking rack that is much less expensive than some other options. The Rola Platypus Expandable Roof Bag along with the Rola (59504) Cargo Roof Basket proved to be a great combination on my 2008 Chevy Equinox. (I'm neither, but was determined to get it done to surprise my wife.) 699958, Some paint missing box was destroyed overall so far so good. 586025, We’ve owned the car rack for a year and have been very satisfied with it. 212705, Great Roof Basket , very easy to install. Otherwise two solid products which I will be recommending to my friends. Sorry no pix ~ I'm already off on the road ! If you need a roof rack, don't hesitate to get this one! No hiccups with the assembly or installation. 868269, Received my Rola basket promptly. Over all, I like this basket because it does the job, its cheap, and looks great. I am looking for a similar setup for my 1996 Cherokee Classic.Thanks, The carrier is doing fine and I am very happy with your service and follow up. This product weighs 46Lbs. I can’t wait to try it out! Fits just fine. 266471, So it has been a year with the Rola Roof Basket on our 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has been well used! I was able to lift the basket and lay it upon the factory crossbars without help, though I wouldn't recommend it unless you're fairly strong and/or rather tall. While on the road the Platypus was great. It wasa breeze to put together and was on the car within 15 min of opening the box!! Easily goes together. I thought maybe we just got a bad one but I've seen other Rola rack models like our's around and they too are gray in color. 49544, This roof basket fit well on my 2012 jeep patriot. 622, solid basket but poor finish Our basket's paint rusted and peeled within one year and it was stored inside. 51837, Installed the Rola Cargo Basket on my 2013 Kia Sorento and absolutely love the way it looks. The rack and rails was just what she wanted, made her car look Sporty and ready for the out doors. I did have minor difficulty with the rubber ring (that seal over screws where the basket comes together in the middle), but was able to make them work with a little bit of grease (rubber friendly). I also received a unit where one of the knobs wasn't cut cleanly from its mould, creating a sharp point, and I got a nice little jab in my finger when I first went to turn it. 673663, Deliver on time, easy to assemble, all screw holes line up and it's heavy duty steel, no chips on the frame, use on my first trip to Playas De Rosarito, Baja California, loaded up about 50 lbs on the basket, no issue, very little wind noise, it handle very nice, it opens up a lot of space inside the car, also I like how its looks. Thank you Allowed more room inside car by putting stuff on the roof! I will Have many other uses for it I will now find a way to mount the ROLA basket rack onto my fiberglass camper shell instead. 385757, After months and months of searching for a roof basket to put on our 2017 outback, I decided to go with the Rola Roof Basket after reading various reviews and couldn't be more happier that I did. Even survived getting stuck in a few mall parking ramps! Saw that the price dropped a week later, so I called up and etrailer gave me the discounted price!!! 647278, Really like this rack. It took 20 minutes to assemble and install on roof of car. Basket is solid. It was very easy. 665946, I especially like the quality and streamlined look. But, it looks great. Didn't work on my 2016 Sorento, but that's my fault. I put 2 Lg. Sticker on the back was peeling off out of the box and left a lot of papaer and adhesive behind. Easy to install with provided hardware. 18506, Very nice and sturdy roof rack that won't break the bank. Shipped free and on time from etrailer.com 230873, Fast delivery, well made, easy to assemble, all parts there, very happy with order. Easy to take off and put on. 550014, Shipping was fast, but the boxes the parts were delivered in were pretty much trashed and just taped together. Thanks Etrailer! 417469, Had a great deal of difficulty dealing with the rubber gaskets, they are not as pliable as one would think, and "rolling" them was nigh on impossible, even with lubrication. Excellent with no exception. 7720, Love the Rola rack with extension, for the price you can't beat it. used them on 2014 Ford Flex. 473648, This is well built, but also heavy. It is well made but it could use some It allowed for lots of space in our Subaru for our son and dog to stretch out. Maybe you should add bungie cords as option at time of purchase. 2. At first I had a couple problems trying to make it tighten to the roof. Thank you Etrailer. I plan on ordering a Rola cargo bag from Etrailer in the spring, this will most definitely have noise issues, but that'll be for another review. It went together well. Don't know why more companies don't offer multiple shipping options, but etrailer does and I'd buy again from them. After researching and reviewing several other brands I settled on the Rola. 96735, A great product at a very good price. 563280, Pretty heavy duty rack. Very easy to attach and tighten, even BY HAND. 819929, Rola Roof Rack has been on my 4 Runner for a year. Carries more than enough of what I need for camping or a trip to the river 210749, All I can say is thank you. Had the ROLA Roof Basket on a previously owned vehicle and its the only one I'll choose for my current Pontiac Aztek Zombie Hunter! I needed some help with finding the correct rack set up for the basket and the staff was very informative and and found me exactly all the peices and parts needed for my custom fit application. Im very cautious about buying things online because i like to see and feel things before purchasing. eTrailer had fast, free shipping and it was right on time and packaged well. Not to big, not to small fits great. Definitely need to use a rubber mallet to hammer it in. IT will fend off the rust MUCH much longer. Every company I have ever seen uses the base dimensions. don't forget to order bungie cords with it 606114, This roof basket looks great and works very well. Overall, a great looking and valuable storage/carrying product for those who need it at a good price point. 598003, Easy to assemble and works great. Could not steal it without tools and 10 min. Also, want to say that etrailer was great to deal with and they shipped the item out pretty much the same day I ordered it and it was at my house in less than a week. def heavy but manageable,. 413368, Adds noise (A lot if you have a panoramic moon roof like I do) to the ride. Installed in 30min. I just bought a second, smaller one, for my tow vehicle! 21674, Nice product! Get ya one. Shipping was great, arrived in 3 days! 25723, I have had a Rola Rack 59504 with extension 59505 since 2006. 553694, I purchased both the Rola roof rack and basket and I must say they are both very solidly built. It had scratches all around the frame Also, I should note that etrailer did everything you could ask for. I live not far from Lake Tahoe on the California side. Do you need help choosing a Roof Rack? We have taken it off the roof and reinstalled it several times and it still works great. It’s been about 1 year and normally I don’t write reviews but I just had to this time! Fortunately it didn't weigh 130 lbs-- she and I were easily able to lift it onto the car. I highly recommend etrailer and the rola roof rack. I was fortunate that neither was true on mine. It is even worse without it. All in all I would check etrailer again if I needed to order any other accessories because they have the best prices. It conforms to the desciption advertised--may be some better. A21002S SportRack Frontier Roof Rack and 59100 Rola Platypus Expandable Rooftop Bag 11499, The Rolla basket looks great on my 1998 Subaru Outback. The Rola logo sticker was quickly worn and Ive since removed. bags on top, 25x15x13. I plan on ordering another one for my second vehicle. We do not leave the roof basket in place when it is not needed and simply hang it on heavy duty hooks from the garage ceiling. However, the basket itself looks good and would be a great addition to my 2018 Rogue Midnight (gray). Call with any questions, they are professional and courteous! For the price you can't beat it! Rhino Delta Roof Bars. One of the screws/taps did not catch consequently the screw is a peg in a hole. I'd like to see some sort of rubber ring or other coverage to seal up the connection. I'm glad I did not spend more money getting a Yakima or Thule. I didnt like having to buy this, but i rather that, than dealing with the tremendous noise inside the 07 t4r(4runner). I assembled and attached the rack to my vehicle in about an hr. I have not used the basket, but it looks like it could hold anything I need to carry. Thule? I must however add that the assistance and customer service provided by George J was outstanding in the delivery of my product. I am very happy is a big and big rack for the roof and fast shipping in 3 days I arrive many thanks I recommend them I'll purchase black foam pipe wrap to keep the crossbars from scratching. I know some people are concerned about not being able to use their sun/moon roof with the extension. 38577, Really love the new Rola roof rack i just purchased ! -silicone sealant Was shipped right after order was placed, and arrived right on time and in good condition. Rola Roof Racks are custom designed for each individual vehicle. 172071, Item arrived in a timely manner. 175227, I received my roof cargo basket promptly and am very satisfied. The basket looks really good too, the only downside is that the mounting hardware didn't really fit together like it should, though it still gets the job done.And the wind noise is elevated a little, but nowhere near what I expected it to be. Only issue is the spacing for the crossrails on my WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee is 36" center to center and this basket needs 37 1/4" spacing. Having the cargo box has been a blessing, leaving a lot of space inside the vehicle for our family of 6 and a dog!!!! Roof Rack Buying Guide. 11689, I was very impressed with the rack. My only complaint is I cant get the factory rails to latch back down again due to the spacing in the rack. I love the way it looks and its very functional. Thank You etrailer At Rola, we believe a roof rack should be strong, light and good-looking, be available to fit the widest range of vehicles, and carry loads in an aerodynamic way. I wrapped a couple of layers tape on the crossbars of the rack to keep the attachment unit in place. 4980, /very /fast delivery product was ordered on Monday and recieved on Wednesday morning. when i worked at Autobarn we sold mainly Rhino but we use to do a bit of Thule stuff. While the welds seem to be adequate to hold the thing together, they are really ugly. Unfortunately, the bag of hardware that came with my rack only had six screws I utilized others comments / suggestions and used clear silicone for added water proofing at the pipe joints and as a rubber sleeve lubricant. Is "high speed bus transit" possible with autonomous vehicles? 91965, Excellent product, went together in about 10 minutes. Only thing on initial install: the rubber screw covering is insanely difficult to place and cover the screws. 408721, Great product. You can use sandpaper to lightly rub the rust off the affected areas. Now after a year, the thing looks like I pulled it from off of the titanic. But I was really disappointed in the workmanship. Definitely will recommend this carrier !! Took them back to the shop where I brought them who told me they needed to submit a warranty claim with Rola to get authorisation to refund them. Overall the assembly was easy. After reading all the reviews on ETRAILER’s web site on this ROLA rack I was sold. Mounting to the roof rack on the Outback itself was very straight forward and by far the easiest part. Can't believe I almost dropped $300+ on the other ones available. 206331, There is not much to it or any moving parts.... its a basket. thank you. Postage and handling. 37092, I was notified by email from eitrailer that my product was delivered to my door step. I was very impressed with the quality, the powder coated look, and the baskets firm and solid structure. Ripped holes in them trying to assemble. Touched that up. It is made with the passengers and drivers that are carrying oversized cargo. THE RACK IS BUILT VERY,VERY STRONG Now about those rubber sleeves that go over the center seam and cover the screws. I followed some of the recommendations from other purchasers and painted mine with a quality truck bed liner which gives it a rugged look. Has one small dent on it from manufacturing I believe. De verdad la responsabilidad de por lo menos comicarse conmigo es pobre. Easy to assemble, tough, durable and chip resistant finish. One note: Be prepared for the back Rola Label to wrinkle and peel off over time. Far exceeded my expectations in materials, finish and fit. I did this by myself and I struggled. The vinyl decal on the lexan wind deflector showed the most fading. 129786, Completely satisfied so far. It would have been nicer if the rack came all in one piece. 25873, Just as expected, fast shipping, great tracking, and great communication. And rain proof. Being able to put the beach chairs, rolling cart and baby stroller on top of the car instead of inside the car will be monumental. Quality is excellent and very durable, the powder-coat finish is topnotch, my son scratch it with a metal philip screw, and it was still black under the outter coating. Assembly easy to include attaching to the car. The instructions are a bit vague, but it's not rocket science. Instruction manual is clear, and all the parts were there. Make sure you get them real tight. Slowly alternating one side to the other is the trick. It is used for pack country trips where it holds a second spare tire and whatever else that does not fit into the Jeep Cherokee. 670140, Holds everything tight and etrailer is the best to order from. Installation was easy. I would be more than happy to write another review with pictures of this helps! Very easy to install. It's been on the vehicle for a year, and it's usually parked outside. I will buy all my trailer supplies from them going forward!! I haven't had a chance to use it yet though. Easy to attach to your SUV too! There were no holes drilled on the basket for the wind deflector to mount to. Pretty easy on/off. Also seems to reduce mpg by 10% when empty...that's $4.00 a fill to carry this thing around with nothing in it. 323663, The carrier performs just as it was designed. I added the extension and it all went together tight. Instructions said to use rubber safe lubricant to roll the tubes back to expose the screw hole. It was 8:30 at night and a lot quieter than day time. Will definatly be shoppers by here again! The Rola basket is study and easy to assemble. Fit perfect on my 99 4runner. It has been back and forth to South Carolinaabout 750 miles several times now. All Roof Rack fasteners are non-ferrous stainless steel. So far everything is as described and performs very well. It would be much easier if it just clipped or snapped on the racks. 11706, The Rola roof basket was easy to assemble, and easy to install onto the roof of my car as well. 547067, My new rack came scratched up and packaging was badly damaged. Some feedback on it would be: Easy to install and use. 678092, In my opinion the Rola Roof Basket is hands down the best basket in it’s price category. The basket attached easily and feels very sturdy. The Cargo Basket was easy to install but does take time since you need to measure carefully on how it will be placed on your cargo rails. It's a bit difficult to consistently turn in the bolt without the wrench slipping out. The Yakima crossbars are quiet and there’s no whistling – thank goodness. The minimum corss bar spread needed for the basket with or without the extension is 26-1/4 inches, center to center. Produced to make sure you know what you are getting and you get exactly what you need. It is important that you find the best Rhino roof box for your car. I could see the difference in quality as soon as i unpacked it. 200295, Product was delivered quickly and setup was as easy as advertised. 640325, I've had this product for a year now and I love it. Easy to assemble, easy to install, as long as you've done your advance measuring correctly. The tubing that's used is thicker and looks more rugged than those other ones. 25653, Really happy with this rack. when i worked at Autobarn we sold mainly Rhino but we use to do a bit of Thule stuff. etrailer.com provided excellent service as always. Appreciate it, I purchased the rack and extension (don't pass up the extension) for trips to the beach. 114347, Great product! 131547, I ordered the Rola Roof Mounted Cargo Basket with the Extension and Standard shipping but got upgraded to Express Shipping at no additional cost thanks to Jeff A! Good price on Etrailer. No apparent damage visible anywhere on the frame or rack, so money well spent for me. The unique design of the Titan Tray allows you to mount more accessories to the top, sides, front and rear of the tray, providing ultimate flexibility. Without the extender it fits the bag we have just fine. Lockable ends for your rola or rhino roof racks stops people stealing your roof rack attachments kayak carriers, awning etc, 1262488933 When we went to put it on top of our Toyota Highlander I was at first concerned because it didn’t align exactly with the cross bars. The problem with the Equinox is the short space between the factory installed roof rack cross bars (only 26 inches). Thule has a lifetime warranty I'm pretty sure. One problem encountered. I just used regular nuts instead, a little more tedious than I would like. No excessive wear. It is a rough, powder coated finish so I haven't found any products to restore the original black color. I just locked myself out of my car just now... what should I do now. Buy a tube of Black RTV sealant for the adjoining parts and screw holes, let dry overnight before installing...you will thank yourself later. 716412, So far so good, took this on a cross country road trip and it did well with cross winds. An equipment rack is something I've needed several years - this vehicle is used for storm chasing (I did attach some of my equip. Make sure you check manufacturers weight limits for the rack on your vehicle, especially if ordering adding the extension. (2013 Santa Fe) The only bad thing is it was missing a black screw for the wind deflector and the only screw I had that fit was stainless steel so I spray painted it black. I took other people’s recommendations of using silicone to help seal off the rubber gasket that forms the seal over the 2 connecting areas and would definitely recommend doing that because it’ll last longer that way. NOT the basket. Overall, I love the sporty look and this is exactly what I wanted for our next move, camping trip, road trip , etc. 403113, Product was packed very well, delivered on time and easy to assemble, looks great on my Highlander! They may cost a bit more, but are well worth it and tend to keep a good resale value if in good condition. If you remember.? High quality. No visible damage from the factory or shipping. 46219, Nice! 31936, I love this thing.im glad i returned the sportrack for this one..its beefy and looks stylish 12284, After reading a lot of reviews, I ordered the Rola roof cargo basket with extension last weekend. Also, use of black silicon between the halves of the basket is recommended. All-in-all I would recommend this rack as a great alternative to the higher priced racks (you know who you are) and also a way better rack than the slightly cheaper Curt rack (had one of these on a Jeep). Also, they sent me 3 large rubber gaskets when I needed 4, so one connection is unprotected. lighter weight might be better and still do the job 475478, This product gave me a hard time, but I love the style of this basket and it is very sturdy/solid. Order online for free next day delivery across the full range of Roof Racks, Roof Bars, Rear Steps, Ladder Loaders & Rhino Roof Rack Accessories. next upgrade (lift kit & wheels) Assembly requires: 277937, Good construction, good looking. Easy assembly and inst allation. I saw some reviews mention problems with the end cap covers coming loose. The only down side, as mentioned in other comments, is that the screw heads and joint for the frame rust. Yes, the basket is pretty heavy, but even mounting it by myself wasn't difficult at all. The Rola graphic is on an odd angle, but that's my only issue. Price. Well built and arrived to my door in 2 days. So I used some WD40 spray on it & it worked out good. Very well made and easy to install. Vortex. 548571, There is a saying you get what you pay for and this is no exception. 77898, Product looks phenomenal. This rack/ basket puts the final touch on my truck for the apperance I was looking for.Thanks for a great product and for excellent customer service.