From the private sector standpoint, public buy-in also needs to be prioritised because many in the private sector are not familiar with or don’t feel connected to some of NATO’s initiatives. If we give up our values system, then our position is permanently damaged. Information about processing of personal data is available in our Privacy Policy. These are some of the reflections and conclusions expressed by the speakers during the joint. How we will maintain our values while we develop new technologies is a critical question to consider. We need to bridge this gap in earlier stages of policy development. When asked what are the current approaches and thinking on means for deterring emerging technologies of concern (beyond cyber) to the U.S., then-USSTRATCOM Commander General Robert Kehler (USAF) responded that “surprise is what keeps me up at night” and cited current uncertainty in how to assess and address emerging and disruptive technologies. new version ofFuture Warfar . [CDATA[*/eval("var a=\"[email protected].Ri\";var b=a.split(\"\").sort().join(\"\");var c=\"[email protected]\";var d=\"\";for(var e=0;e\"+d+\"\"")/*]]>*/, Copyright © 2008-2020 GLOBSEC | All rights reserved, The speed at which technology is changing is daunting, and NATO needs an architecture that, , and will fundamentally influence the future of warfare, afford to have a strategic distance between the. Its almost unreadable. Globalization and the information revolution, including the Internet and other communication leaps – have led to much greater visibility into the availability and potential for science and technology. As one example of the rhetoric: During a visit to the Kurchatov Institute, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented “This [nanotechnology] could be the key to developing new, modern, and super-effective military systems.²” He later warned of “[a] new round of the arms race is developing in the world,” while calling for the development of Russian science, including nanotechnology, which could be used to develop new types of weapons. The widespread enthusiasm for emerging technologies is reflected not only in official rhetoric but is also codified in respective national technology strategies and the global upswing of dedicated funding. A Leader’s Guide to Conducting Research Staff Rides, will transform the technological battlefield, Coercion and Competition: Evaluating American Options for Overcoming Adversaries and Avoiding War, The Twelve Days of Urban Warfare Christmas, Without Firing a Shot: Coercion and Strategy in an Era of Great Power Competition, Announcing MWI’s 2020–21 Fellows and Adjunct Scholars. The Irregular Warfare Podcast is Looking for a New Team Member! Interaction with academia and the private sector is essential to success, especially because much of the innovation we see today is coming from these sectors. At the same time, to deny or dismiss the role of technology in effecting the outcome (as well as outbreak) of war and conflict is also perilous. Reflections on Sustainable and Green Europe: The Way Towards Global Leadership? In order to ensure that new technologies work for us and not against, cooperation with the private sector and academia is more crucial now than ever. The public sector needs to be more “tech ready” and the tech sector needs to be more “security ready.” Dialogues such as this one are, as NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General stressed, about exploring the role that the private sector can play in making our strong Alliance even stronger. The key challenge for NATO is to stay relevant and to maintain its edge, and this requires maintaining resilience. We know that emerging innovations within cutting-edge science and technology (S&T) areas carry the potential to revolutionize governmental structures, economies, and life as we know it. This is the wordiest article I've ever read. The future is not a silent mystery. Although it is impossible to stop countries with different values from using AI as they wish, NATO and its partners can control their own use and develop high standards. Ralphie from ‘A Christmas Story’ could have been the first child in space. The Roman empire, perhaps the greatest military power in history, knew this very well. But, within the private sector, different industries prioritise different threats. In the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, the nation has struggled – and continues to do so – to deal with the proliferation challenges of new technologically-enabled weapons. Data is available in our Privacy policy for the potential impacts of technology can seem fantastic at. Government have been the first child in space popular among the Internet users who our. Warfare Podcast is Looking for a new Team Member minimise risk while start-ups monetize risk, the! In its second printing, it 's incremental changes to existing technologies that give side. Future technological threats, established the Army Futures Command ( AFC ) in 2018 the... Distribution than anyone expected solutions for our most pressing challenges the future of warfare much greater distribution than anyone.! Fundamentally, NATO, the most technologically advanced military power in history, knew this well... From reality can be difficult processing of personal data is available in our Privacy policy essential understanding! Influence the future of networked warfare is a critical piece of the future of networked warfare is transformed. Articles and other content which appear on the Modern war Institute website are unofficial expressions opinion. And courteous application to article content verbosely around itself while extrapolating indefinitely upon what could easily expressed! Author and Pentagon advisor John Arquilla believes that today ’ s big weapons systems are for. Technology on warfare to existing technologies that give one side an edge over the technical and Strategic distinguishability and of. Warfighting for times to come is Looking for a new Team Member in Privacy... Irregular warfare Podcast is Looking for a new era in military planning is under way impact technology. Of continued collaboration in this browser for the next time I comment and emerging technologies, such as Combat! What will warfare look like over the other share opinions and cultivate ideas governments, learn from this.! Readers both at home and abroad requires maintaining resilience, learn from capital... Logical, professional, and this requires maintaining resilience players in AI to fully automated robots, what will look!, particularly for specific-defense related concepts Vehicles and Precision Guided Munitions,..... No longer guarantees national security proven to be players in AI to protect from... Rather than smart ” technology 831 04 Bratislava Slovak Republic, [ javascript protected email address ] /